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I-Quest is an AI-powered educational game for primary students. Our game integrates Deep Neural Networks (DNN) and Machine Learning technology to provide an enhanced learning experience, upgraded teaching, and generative assessment.

Upon entering the game, students will be greeted with a Level Selection Screen, which features infinite stages through a learning experience powered by LevelShip. Unlike traditional games, I-Quest has no predefined levels, as learning and exploration are continuous.

In addition to the unique features mentioned above, our game offers a range of benefits for primary students, including:

  • Skills for Future Work: Our game recognizes and reinforces the top necessary skills for the future of work, preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow. Illustration idea: a group of diverse children working on a collaborative project with robots and other advanced technologies.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience: Our game uses interactive and immersive technology, such as virtual reality and gamification, to engage students and enhance their learning experience. Illustration idea: a student wearing a virtual reality headset while exploring a colorful, interactive world.

  • Continuous Learning: Our game uses a Mandelbrot concept for continuous learning, encouraging students to explore interconnected ideas and concepts indefinitely. Illustration idea: a student exploring a never-ending labyrinth of interconnected ideas and concepts.

  • Interactive Builder: Our game encourages exploration and curiosity, allowing students to build and create in a virtual environment while learning about architecture, engineering, and more. Illustration idea: a child constructing a virtual city with building blocks while learning about architecture and engineering.

  • Generative Assessment: Our game uses machine learning algorithms to provide real-time feedback and assessments, allowing teachers to personalize learning and identify each student's unique strengths and weaknesses. Illustration idea: a teacher using a tablet to analyze real-time data on a student's progress.

Each benefit will have a unique illustration that visually represents the benefit, designed to capture the attention of young students while also conveying the core benefits of the game.

We believe our AI-powered educational game will help prepare primary students for the future by providing them with the necessary skills and tools to succeed. Thank you for considering our game for your classroom or home!

- Emerging Rule


"Discover how our innovative EdTech platform uses artificial intelligence to transform K-12 education! Watch our video demo a
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