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Emerging Rule's proposal wants to help you boost your innovation spirit. Let's work together around creating value for education, training and development programs.

Enhance the possibilities of your Engine’s success by focusing on its workforce value - while harnessing the power of AI, and other exponential technologies.

We can allocate your workforce’s strengths - to the special training, certifications and university-level targets that fit your goals; cultivating the very skills required to sustain innovation. See why our AI-driven actualized educational technology is right for you, and how we can prepare your "talent and leadership in science, engineering, technology, and education", to catalyze and accelerate your ecosystem with a people-powered expert system.
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People-powered innovation starts with your workforce 

Internal Employees

Tech partners

Channel & business model partners

Customers via focus groups, data mining, feedback

Supply chain partners/vendors/suppliers


Similar organizations outside regional market

Academic and research organizations

Entrepreneurs and Startups

Education Reform - Felipe Castro Quiles

Question: What are the most important metrics for measuring innovation at your organization?

Percentages denote the number of companies citing each innovation partner as among their most important ones.

Source: PwCs innovation Benchmark

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The Problem/Trend: "The U.S. Is Falling Behind In Innovation" - AMEX


Institutional learning and training models should be actualized to enhance the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that are required to achieve a sustainable innovation culture, without losing out on the most relevant technological advancements, their applications and thei systematic implementation to public benefit.

Right now, organizations lack the ability to process information at the exponential pace that data-driven systems and technological progress are advancing. This results not only in lost productivity, but also multiple problems in sustaining innovation and competing with other regions in the global market.

Emerging Rule will help you by partnering with you to integrate LevelShip™ (our proprietary Machine Learning Learning Management System) into the training and upskilling of your most valuable asset - your workforce. Innovation can be diversified, actualized, and adapted to the new autonomous and interconnected systems that are driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But, only highly trained Engines will be able to achieve the robust innovation ecosystem required to excel as a leading nation in the New Digital Age.

Emerging Rule World

The Opportunity: billions in market share

Garry Hamel correctly stated, "We've reached the end of incrementalism. Only those companies that are capable of creating industry revolutions will prosper in the new economy."

As the pace of technological development increases - specifically with Artificial Intelligence and other exponential technologies - institutions should recognize the value of data-driven Machine Learning models in the advancement of their personnel (from schooling and training, to higher education). For global economies, data has become the biggest asset, and data preprocessing the standard. Therefore, it is essential to develop a workforce that understands that the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity is big data; welcoming Artificial Intelligence as the only structure capable of processing this large or complex set of information. 

At the same time, as consumers demand new and inventive items to fulfill their expectations, the three sectors should understand the mechanics of the ongoing Fourth Industrial Revolution, and recognize the patterns of increasing interconnectivity, autonomy and their effect on the implementation of new ideas. On the other hand, the global automation market size was USD 191.89 billion in 2021 and it is projected to grow from USD 205.86 in 2022 to USD 395. 09 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 9.8% during the forecast period and forcing market players to take active initiative to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on business. Consequently, driving the adoption of cutting-edge innovation to boost market value. (Fortune Business Insight, 2022)    

The opportunity of training your workforce to 'create regional-scale innovation ecosystems throughout the U.S. and usher in a significant revolution of economic growth', has led to the opportunity to enter an era of private-public partnerships that will spark increased innovation and productivity. A well educated/trained Engine = the potential of reaching
billions in market share. 

Emerging Rule World

The Urgency: U.S. can't afford losing the race for supremacy

Robert Daly (2022) says, "The United States and China are competing to shape security architectures, trade and financial regimes, the development, marketization, and regulation of technology, global norms and practices, and the values that underlie them, worldwide. Neither country believes it can create a unipolar world such as the United States enjoyed between the end of the first Cold War in 1991and 2011, but each is determined to maximize its own influence and prevent the other’s dominance."

Therefore, training our workforce to accelerate innovation is essential, because a series of disruptions will influence more than the opportunity to become a world-leading economy; it will define who leads the global system going forward. 

Emerging Rule World

Our Solution: LevelShip™ (Skills recognition and allocation Machine Learning system) to recruit, educate, train & retain a diverse, skilled, and adaptable workforce

Customizable AI Agent:


  • Our algorithm reviews workforce activity and recommends relevant content to direct, instruct, educate, etc.

  • The collected data is mined to uncover patterns & other valuable information, and enhance the functionalities that could help her determine her preferences.

  • A recognition and recommendation model, acts as an intermediary between the users of the platform, to secure safety, confidentiality, data ownership, etc.

  • Our proprietary technology ensures that all the stakeholders constantly share value.

  • LevelShip allows verified accounts to securely build up solutions from the newly discovered datasets and support the augmented learning environment.      

  • Other features, could allow you to access real-time communication, encrypted messaging integration, assessment tools, data mining services, and expert guidance to remain on target, among other key resources.

Emerging Rule World

Our Ask: Lift your Engine with Emerging Rule's next-generation AI technology, by allowing LevelShip to enhance your workforce development and other experiential learning opportunities. Grow and sustain regional innovation, improve your ecosystem, maintain socioeconomic progress, and mold our nation into the environment that we all need to thrive, by applying recruitment, education, training, retention, and workforce development programs adapted to the New Age. Let's build together and harness the power of diverse, inclusive, accessible and equitable ecosystems  with intelligent systems at their core.


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