The current global crisis has forced school districts to rethink their economic and political practices and procedures. Complex conceptual, philosophical and methodological implications on policies, research, and management preclude the updating of our educational system. This obstructs the implementation of a modern version that harmonizes teaching and learning to make them more in tune with the new digital age.


However, abrupt adoption of updated systems, necessary as they may be, is not an indicative of preparedness and efficiency, notwithstanding the difficulty of recognizing existing models adds another challenge to the ever-growing list. Although technology could seem ready for deployment and application, developmental bias and data obscurity often prevent a smooth transition.


Another element in this complex equation is the increasing and exponentially growing amount of data. Its velocity, formats, and actionable insight have improved the machine’s capacity. Yet, the lack of robust and diverse data warehouses decreases the fairness, accountability and accuracy of most AI systems.

As a matter of fact, data is the core element of Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning, the technology that drives the new industrial revolution. As in humans, it is in data that Machine Learning trains, validates, and tests. But data itself is not sufficient, because proper data processing is crucial to an algorithm’s performance. Furthermore, the efficiency of Machine Learning essentially relies on the large size of the data sets used to recognize patterns that eventually turn information in knowledge.


Hence, platforms that account for responsible outcomes consider the diversity of cultures, genders, ethnicity, races, and other categories and traits that make up our society and its systems. And we want you and your descendants equitably included in the future.   


For half a decade Emerging Rule has researched and developed within its capacity, and connected with numerous international education leaders and organizations. 


But to conclude, including underrepresented sectors of our population into K-12 education requires immediate action.   


You are an integral element of change that benefits our children. Contact us now.  


Education systems, technology, and humans have met in the inception point of our subsequent social structures. It is your turn to lead the change.

Training and development

Knowledge engineering

Individualized Learning



Your level,

your success!

AI for Learning


As data becomes the 21st century gold, leveraging it to enhance human experience has been important to bring in the technological and innovative advancements in the business, industry and education space. Data has become the cornerstone of AI and it has been leveraged to enhance the

earning experience, thereby improving

the users participation.

Learning and Development (L&D) has uniquely utilized AI to build learning specific algorithms and using a combination of machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing , AI is now playing a pivotal role innovating the learning experience.

 AI benefits on the learning and development process

(quality, ease, contemporaneity & accessibility)

Encourage and facilitate individualized learning


  • Learners leverage the platform based on their skills, learning pace, and understanding capabilities

  • Student are guided to sharpen their unique abilities and potential

  • Teachers and students enjoy a more accessible, intuitive, and simple process

  • Institutions reduce learning times to focus on quality of education over quantity


Enhance learning process

  • AI Model receives real-time users feedback, allowing developers and engineers to improve the system and update as necessary

  • Platform is constantly evolving to give the user an experience that meets personalized requirements

Better completion rates

  • Targeted and customized lesson plans increase involvement and subject interest, as well as, providing relevant content to

  • Milestones are accelerated to increment engagement


Accessibility to all


  • 24/7 interaction

  • Available learning resources at disposal

On-hand Digital tutors

  • Platform eases pressure and burdens by providing educators with accurate solutions, and real-time questions or queries recommendation

  • AI allows continuous learning




develop your skills & never stay behind.

Major benefits of AI-driven learning:

  • Individualized student/teacher interaction

  • Fast skillset recognition

  • Self-paced learning & recommendation

  • 24/7 safe & accurate platform


keep moving forward with the rest of the world.

Benefits of AI-driven teaching:

  • Information overload & tasks reduction

  • Precision & accuracy

  • Record coordination handling & management

  • Automated assessment, support & recognition 



embrace the power of new technologies.

Major benefits of AI-driven care:

  • Personal assistance 

  • Continuous workload

  • Knowledge conversion - data into knowledge

  • Predictive identification

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