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What is the most undervalued profession?

Ode to our teachers

Perhaps the most undervalued profession in the world needs immediate transformation.


Because as we enter an industrial, social, and economic revolution, where autonomous systems already perform essential functions like our information search, recognition and recommendation, we forget, that for centuries, they have existed to introduce us to ourselves, enhance our opportunities, and guide us through the abstract journey we call life.


When we meet them for the first time, they greet us with welcoming enthusiasm, when we are wrong, they press on with patience until we figure things out, and when we achieve our milestones, they say goodbye with nurturing and reassuring passion, and meet the next generation to redo the kindly act.


If it was not for them, we would not be able to experience the calmness of coexistence, the convenience of understanding or the comfort of civilization.


So what you will hear now is more than, a talk. It’s an ode to the millions of anonymous souls around the world that help us keep moving forward, from the constructive virtue of wisdom.




How many of us have been enlightened by their grace? Have we ever really understood that they often carry out their duties with no desire to be exalted or flatteringly cherished?


They do their work in silence, to inspire your future days. Money and fame are far from what inspires them to lead your early guidance.


Because their true vocation is change.


In fact, teachers are historically underpaid. Although there may be no comparison to their honorable work, statistics say that they are paid less than other comparable workers in every state.


The problem is that they are being pushed out of their jobs by systems that neglect the importance of human guidance, underestimate the power of their nurturing care, and undermine the necessity of training them to guide us to a new age.     


Keri Ingraham, Ed.D., accurately stated, “the education system must change from adult-focused to student-focused, input-focused to output-focused, teaching-focused to learning-focused, group-focused to individual-focused, and time-focused to competency-focused. 

But for all that to happen, we have to safeguard the improvement of our teachers on the frontline.

That is why Emerging Rule is developing a Machine Learning system that supports teachers, actualizes students' schooling, and adopts an edtech approach that enhances individual strengths to improve the future. 

The new way of living demands a new way of learning. But we need you to continue to build an intelligent education for the new age.

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