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Emerging Rule is a technology-based education public benefit corporation established in an effort to address social development and the creation of individualized learning methods. The startup is directed by a group of seasoned international professionals from several sectors. Emerging Rule’s team prides itself on offering their expertise to tackle social impact subjects such as: education, futurism, humanitarian business strategies, and public safety among other topics.

The company’s innovative EdTech methods are led by the development of LevelShip, the world’s first Machine Learning LMS (ML-LMS). The award winning ML-LMS is outlined to enable individualized learning from a student's perspective and to increment productivity and engagement.

“We are descendants of visionaries & ancestors of trendsetters…

we are emerging rule."


Emerging Rule was established with a simple agenda, ensuring that humanity receives proper tuition while guaranteeing the subsistence of future generations as well as the coexistence of intelligent agents and humans. Inspired by the lectures of futurists concerned with the emerging ethical dilemmas and policies in technology, the company's founders sketched a plan that considered a broad selection of theories and anticipated many of the social effects that full automation could have.   


Consequently, inspired by a variety of social interests a group of international innovators, trendsetters, and agents of social change, committed to creating better living conditions for future generations. After determining the proper structure of the conglomerate, a public benefit corporation was organized. Now, the benefit corporation collaborates with professionals around the globe & links resources to supplement the efforts of those international organizations seeking human wellbeing.


"Their potential is our future...

Open your eyes to progress."

Executive Summary

Emerging Rule is a public benefit corporation that develops innovative products of educational technology, curricula & training systems. The organization manages LevelShip: an educational PaaS in which the machine learns to highlight talent & skill sets to achieve performance, productivity & engagement; as well as augmenting the role of key resources for optimal learning. The purpose of our organization is to positively impact society through the conservation and/or restoration of children's intellectual growth; creating a future that gives them the opportunity to excel by focusing on their preferred subjects.


Moreover, we aim to empower equality and equity. Therefore, we review and research global education methods and systems in order to develop applications that not only keep students devoted to school, but also identify their skills and match them with social practices of the future.


Besides, in order to guide students toward a career of systematic progress and address potential discouragement, we study catalysts such as: technology implementation, orientation or tutoring, and course size, among many other elements. Our goal is to reduce dropout rates, increase students' engagement, and influence them to pursue a higher education. By keeping students motivated and committed to our products, we engage in the creation of education systems aimed to ensure human progress, coexistence & subsistence. Ultimately giving future generations a competitive advantage.