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February 26, 2018


Please join us in a deep conversation on the repercussions of devising humanity with archaic conceptions. Even though millions of years of evolution will not be damped with a few words — with your help — we can figure out the best possible outcomes of our virtual evolution. Furthermore, the fact that we are probably living in the dawn of technological singularity deserves your consideration and discernment; allow us to borrow your attention for some minutes.


Perhaps we should start by taking into consideration that we are the result of modern social constructionism; developed by humans: a species that has evolved over millions of years, or thousands if you are a YEC believer (anyway, seducing your convictions is the least of my intentions). Regardless of your partisanship, you need to comprehend the variables applied to the experimental relationships we call humanity.


At first, let’s consider the fact that, change is eminent; we will experience a different reality as we (progress?). Moreover, that different reality depends on individual perceptions applied to common interpretation. According to Professor Anthony O’Hear, “we are prisoners neither of our genes nor of the ideas we encounter as we each make our personal and individual way through life.” Thus, we always have an option to decide over our destiny. Withal:

Plato says, “Every king springs from a race of slaves, and every slave has had kings among his ancestors.”


On the other hand, as argued by Dr. Max Tegmark, our future is depending on some difficult and wide-ranging decisions that we must make in the coming decade or two; both utopia and dystopia are possible (you choose). I invite you to sketch your perfect future and act on it without demeaning the perfect future of humanity. What do y