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Artificial Intelligence: the top priority.

While you are engaged in your reality, brilliant minds develop technologies of the future that will eventually take over (at least if most of the proposed scenarios transpire).

**Stop: please do not be alarmed, you can always chose between reading or receding; I am just about to propose what I believe to be a lifesaving alternative, as well as discussing the matter from my perspective. Please understand that the views and opinions expressed in this article are my own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any associate, agency, or organization. Assumptions made within the analysis are not reflective of the position of anyone else.

Emerging Rule

First, allow me to introduce you to ‘the heart’ of most of the existing speculations about the future of Artificial Intelligence. In one hand, multiple theories lead humanity to extinction (By now, if you are aware of the subject, you know many of the doomsday prophesies of top experts). Nonetheless, it sounds fair to state that on the other hand numerous other thinkers have offered a less alarming outcome. For the sake of my discussion, I will focus in the latter.

In fact, while all of the existing hypotheses are aligned to the evident superiority of accurate thinking machines, most lack to consider the repercussions of isolating humanity from their incubation. In my opinion, egotistical presumptions often forget that our intricate intellectual structure can guide us towards shaping systems in which we coexist with those superior machines. Even more, systems in which we learn best practices to support and improve the livelihoods of our lifemates (in which group, I include every other organism).

Nevertheless, the blueprint of these new technologies should not only be designed by a handful of individuals – regardless of their rationale. Moreover, even though the venture of coding super-intelligent machines may sound extremely seducing, current times summon for global consensus. In this regard, because of the fact that a miniscule fraction of our global population is in charge of the future of artificial intelligence (In layman's terms, 0 if considering the world population estimate of 7.6 billion), at least a front of solidarity should arise in the name of future generations.

This being said, the only reasonable way of establishing a vanguard that respects those not yet born is education. In fact, through education, not only can we ensure that ‘them’ to be directly affected by our current decisions are prepared to face the consequences, but also equip ’them’ with the proper tools to redesign humankind, should it be required. After all, their potential is our future.

Besides, it is indisputable that education is the ultimate liberty; as for education sparks the mechanism through which ideas gain prominence and innovation is diffused. Thus, if you assume the beautiful concept of infinity, you should agree that our minds are capable of exponential transformation (please also consider how in a micro level approach, you have innovated to obtain or sustain your status & how is your status affecting your reality).

Ultimately, start thinking of a completely different world if you plan to live 50 years into the future. Also, when you rage into thinking ‘they took ‘er jobs’, please consider the fact that a disruptive technology is on its way to adolescence. What’s more, examine the outcome of allowing it to take over.

At last I will not bore or scare you with all the details. But allow me a final thought: Artificial Intelligence is the top priority, be emerging rule & choose you; please star getting involved…


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