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Below, I will uncover a trackway to success. A millenary approach to good living that has been aspired by the greatest minds in history. One that is strong, straightforward, and efficient.

Emerging Rule

But before I do, go back to your early memories and try to stay there while you read. Calm down to when you were 6 or 7 years old; view yourself in a moment of cheerfulness & happiness and think of your best memories. As you experience true happiness imagine other people you would want there, next to you.

Straightaway reflect on what took you to the place you are. If there is any regret contemplate it and identify its cause. Simultaneously reflect on those who led you there. They might have vanished or passed away, they might have been missing for a long time, or they might still be around. Regardless, ‘they’ is the word I want you to focus in.

After this, imagine your life without them. What would you do differently if external influences were nonexistent? Would you be where you stand now if not for what you experienced? In your trajectory, what is and what’s not of your authorship? Now think of ‘you’.

Incidentally, the main focus of these questions is to inspire retrospection while considering the impact of your situation in society. For instance, if you are rich or poor, it is because of your decisions but within social authority; think about who or what made you rich. You determine whether you’re sad or untroubled and civilization bears your happiness; ask yourself why. And what is more important, if you are wise or a fool decide whether it is your fault or that of those around you. Then, understand your place in society because society has, is, and will, exercise a strong influence in all of your elements of growth (forever). Thus you are responsible of what you do with them, as at the end you will influence a good portion of society as well.

You see, ‘you’ lead a grapple that ‘they’ structure to form a complex domain through which all progress in time. In other words, we are all in this together and regardless of your circumstances: life, as you know it is life, as you want it. Unfortunately, sometimes you forget that before you cease to exist you’ll be responsible for impacting the evolution of millions of other individuals; you neglect that you are the result of the effects caused by people before you; sometimes you unlearn to be a human.

In conclusion, what I mean to say is that you are the right way to success. You have been protected by great minds in the past that succeeded by innovating and thinking forward. You are the source millions of other lives of the future. You can either destroy or create. It is definitely your choice, but it is humanity’s lifeline.

What do you say, what is your notion of the success? Do we still have hope with your mindset?

At the end I will not only support your success, but also will guide it if it is meant to embrace human progress. Either way, if you are the emerging rule, get involved because we do not have much time…


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