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"We develop actualized education 

technologies to discover the best in you"

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Emerging Rule is a U.S. Public Benefit Corporation focused on using AI and machine learning to enhance education & professional training, creating innovative learning models for all. We're dedicated to transforming the way people learn to create a world where everyone can cultivate their authentic selves. Our AI-enabled edtech platform provides personalized learning experiences for K-12 students that can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Our platform adapts to each student's learning style, pace, and progress, providing tailored learning paths and assessments that help them achieve their academic goals.


With our platform, teachers can easily create and deliver engaging online lessons, monitor student progress, and provide targeted feedback and support. Our platform also includes automated grading and reporting features, which can save teachers valuable time and streamline their workflow. For schools and districts, our platform provides valuable insights and analytics that can inform decision-making and help identify areas where additional support is needed. 


In these challenging times, our AI-powered edtech platform offers a cost-effective and efficient solution that supports remote and hybrid learning models while providing personalized and engaging learning experiences for students.


A team of international teachers, lifelong learners, technologists, and multidisciplinary experts trains LevelShip, a Machine Learning - Learning Management System (LMS) designed to enhance the learning experience as you interact with the exponential technologies impacting the future of education, work, and life. Levelship is flexible and scalable, making it easy to integrate into existing curricula and adapt to changing needs.


LevelShip features an algorithm meant to recognize and allocate individual skills in careers that support growth and improve productivity. K-12’s opportunity to embrace human capabilities in a world driven by increasing technological advancement, interconnectivity, and autonomous systems depends on your engagement.

Join us and ensure a better quality of life for the new future:

1. Supporting that you are not left behind;

2. Empowering inclusion and participation;

3. Navigating updated training and job opportunities;

4. Securing trust, resiliency, and individual progress for common growth;

5. Influencing systematic improvement and a constructive emerging rule.

Emerging Rule, "stands out and won the position of TOP 30 at SVIEF-STAR"
- Silicon Valley Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum 

We research and develop edtech that helps educators and learners adapt to new technologies and ways of life. Integrating the latest educational updates.

Learn all that will help you succeed in the new future, assisted by artificial intelligence.  
LevelShip by Emerging Rule


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LevelShip, our Machine Learning System for Skill Recognition, helps students securely discover their innate skills and recommends the most accurate individualized teaching methods; for a better learning experience and to adapt their journey to the 'new' future.
“Your future is our greatest strength.”
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