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Data Science applied to

Educational Technology & Talent Management

Machine Learning LMS & Talent Management - our proprietary Machine Learning algorithm enables the computer (data processor) to recognize behavioral patterns in observed data, build models that explain individual levels of engagement & proficiency, and predict skills allocation for optimal performance without having explicit pre-programmed rules and models to:

✓ Enhance human capabilities.
✓ Discover talent & skill-sets.
✓ Nourish users’ potential.
✓ Allocate resources for job placement.
✓ Ultimately, individually help students/trainees to integrate into the new world of the future by recommending a precise path to maximum productivity; making learning personalized, exciting and enterprising.

This is who we are


Emerging Rule is an education technology public benefit corporation that researches, develops & applies AI to online schooling and curricula material for individualized learning. Emerging Rule PBC is an education management organization that provides digital education designed as an alternative to traditional "bricks and mortar" education for school students from kindergarten to 12th grade, as well as applied machine learning to undergraduate & graduate talent management. 


For corporate relations, partnerships or more information about Emerging Rule, the company’s core team, and our new EdTech & Talent Management solutions please:


Contact – link@emergingrule.com


For interviews with the Partners or media inquiries:


Sebastian O. Domnariu

Liaison International Network Key Strategist (LINKS)










This is what we do...

Corporate & HR


Our Motto. Thank you for Living!


In order to ensure social progress we are devoted to improving and developing exponential technologies that safeguard human value and enhance individual capabilities.

We believe in the power of ideas, we passionately believe in innovation; we believe in the strength of leadership and overall in the importance of coexistence, equality, inclusion, sustainability, and communication.

Overall, we believe in the optimization of your aptitudes & the encouragement of critical thinking, as they create and enhance our future.    

Ultimately, we believe in you: the voice of our history; the muse of prosperity; the emerging rule.  


K-12 App


Our Machine Learning - Learning Management System uses behavioral analysis at the primary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate levels to conduct cognitive assessments of students, determine optimal instructional techniques & tackle K-12 education requirements. Data is analyzed to automate systematic models of individual instruction and iteratively learn. One of the main differences between Emerging Rule’s Learning Management System (LMS) and traditional ones is that LevelShip™ incorporates software to attract parental interaction in a safe environment. Inside Parents Lounge, a series of applications target legal guardians and their often-overlooked needs to facilitate interaction, interest and ease.  


Corporate & HR Apps


We all know that the most revolutionary and impactful products in history – for example cars, telephones & personal computers - have been built by organizations. However, it is important to remember that these organizations are no more than groups of people working on the same mission.   


At Emerging Rule we understand that in order to build bigger and better things most organizations are not tapping into the fullest potential of their greatest resource: you.


That is exactly what Emerging Rule tackles through LevelShip. Our Machine Learning HR Platform recognizes patterns of individual performance to allocate workforce in positions at which their optimal performance increases company productivity and revenue.


Hire Emerging Rule

Innovation Consulting


Emerging Rule is a resourceful & capable technology partner in lifting your company towards innovation. A team with a cumulative business experience of over 42 years will ensure the instant market readiness of your innovative products. Partner up with us to improve your digital strategy, digital consolidation, digital architecture, and more.


Curricula Improvement & Development

Our organization conducts cognitive assessments to determine the best techniques of primary, secondary, undergraduate and postgraduate instruction using behavioral analysis.


Institutional Enhancement


Our institutional consulting services range from strategic liaison and alignment to institutional or corporate development. A team of business experts analyzes your organization to construct a tailored target market approach.  

Other Services

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