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A new wave of developers sketch an unprecedented era

To a certain extent, human capacity to adapt is being modified by the creation of new technologies. Thus, at the dawn of super intelligence, the necessity of carefully identifying the traits and trends of the tech industry is evident.

Moreover, those aspects of life believed to be impossible are now becoming norms that in turn unveil social breakthroughs. Therefore, existence as we know it, is being disrupted while a Pandora’s box could be holding the future of our race. Like in many other ages, we are creating a future deliberated by divergent schools of thought that philosophize on variable environments. However, this is the first time in history that technology agrees with every one of them. Our progress is on the midst of deciding over our nature, future, and ultimately our subsistence.

For one, innovative computer programs perform tasks such as cross-cultural communications, propaganda, and military strategy among others. On the other hand, algorithms are meant to diagnose deceases in order to offer early treatment options. In fact, a Ying and Yang of automation is guiding everyday livelihood; computers are carrying out everything from mass production to mass destruction; apparently we are creating an inhabitable perfect world.

Nonetheless, the identification of plausible approaches to the next significant tech revolution might save us from achieving a point of no return. For instance, by applying principles such as those of Van den Hoven’s or Minsky, the ongoing scenario could be configured. We still have time to rethink our approach towards applied science; there is still much to add to the equation.

Now, what is perceived as the ideal scenario and why should we configure its outline? Will Super intelligence improve our lives or simply swipe us out? Can we create AI that works for us from an inferior moral and cognitive actuality? When is AI going to take over?

Indeed, these are questions being asked/thought by the greatest minds in the Tech ecosystem. However, few of them question the importance of introducing programming ethics to the EdTech curriculum. And above all, few include the premise of input - the mother of all goods & evil. It is input what allows any Agent to interact with its environment. And

in my opinion, no thinking technology could reach its maximum capacity without a proper elementary input.

Besides, as stated by Newton, there is certainly no action without reaction. Thereby, when applying this law to intelligence, it is not possible to teach without being taught. And even though one could say that learning could be an effect of observation, there is no purpose in observing without action, and at the end action is input.

Now, how is it that we can create environments that consider the benefit of every single element of an environment? Isn’t the purpose of every environment to encompass all living and non-living things occurring naturally?

In conclusion, there is no certainty on our next step. Even so, we can guide those who are not biased by archaic delusions. You decide over the future of your kind. Perhaps we are all part of an alternate reality; perhaps we are predisposed to create what we’ve been creating; perhaps we deserve whatever goes wrong. Still, we are certainly entering a new way of life. And you are dictating the circumstances. Ergo, from within my soul I convoke the emerging rule.


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