Esteemed Educator

Esteemed Educator, With this letter I pretend to praise your noble task of sharing your ideas, principles, and wisdom. Moreover, I personally thank you for your long hours of commitment and dedication toward helping personalities blossom; a teacher is the spark of progress. On the other hand, please allow me to encourage you to continue learning. New and better tuition methods are to be developed, in order to satisfy the needs and characteristics of the students of tomorrow. In fact, like Seneca wisely stated, “Teaching by precept is a long road, but short and beneficial is the way by example.” Thus, in order to teach by example we need to discover by representation. Furthermore, a teacher i

Be emerging rule

Be emerging rule… You have decided to give me your time and for that I thank you. As I continue selecting the words that will adorn this message, I encourage you to stop negative thoughts from entering your mind. Free yourself from distraction — it is finally time to release your potential. First, please consider that for centuries we have been studying our surroundings and questioning our capacities as a species. Besides, our intellect has allowed us to achieve goals that we deemed unimaginable. Nonetheless, we have not mastered the basics; the most effective and efficient technologies have not been able to ensure happiness. Consequently, we are submerged in a trance of war and sorrow; in f

What is the future for education?

As a matter of fact, that is a difficult question to answer. Although, if we follow the development of new technologies, the speed of its progress, and every forecast related to human interaction, we can establish a clear idea on its fate. For instance, the birth of supplemental education tools assists teachers in reinforcing and expanding on content. In fact, A PBS LearningMedia su rvey of K to 12 teachers concluded that three out of four educators expressed a positive opinion of educational technology. Now, what does that have to do with the future of education? Well, at first, we have to understand the impact of automation in the socioeconomic global ecosystems; where is humanity headed t


I agree with the words of Mr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he stated that, “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.” Perhaps, in an ideal world education should be organized from the viewpoint of the students. And I say that, not only because I concur with Reverend King, but also because in fact the most innovative and outstanding inventions of humanity come from the mixture of those two characteristics – intelligence and character. Even more, an education system should prioritize the harmony existing between what is taught and what transcends. In fact, it is public guidance what

Executive Stance

Any avid learner should understand the importance of the usefulness, desire, necessity, benefit, and purpose in education. Moreover, a keen pupil should recognize how these qualities benefit human subsistence, adaptation, and development. Thus, every educational environment should provide students with an opportunity of becoming acquainted with thoughts, ideas, and proposals to expand their perspective on the key elements, approaches, and resources needed to structure the future of education. Furthermore, an inclusive approach should be the essence of any preparatory system; learning from educators and students of multiple cultures the current points of view regarding the process of teac


Below, I will uncover a trackway to success. A millenary approach to good living that has been aspired by the greatest minds in history. One that is strong, straightforward, and efficient. But before I do, go back to your early memories and try to stay there while you read. Calm down to when you were 6 or 7 years old; view yourself in a moment of cheerfulness & happiness and think of your best memories. As you experience true happiness imagine other people you would want there, next to you. Straightaway reflect on what took you to the place you are. If there is any regret contemplate it and identify its cause. Simultaneously reflect on those who led you there. They might have vanished or pas

A new wave of developers sketch an unprecedented era

To a certain extent, human capacity to adapt is being modified by the creation of new technologies. Thus, at the dawn of super intelligence, the necessity of carefully identifying the traits and trends of the tech industry is evident. Moreover, those aspects of life believed to be impossible are now becoming norms that in turn unveil social breakthroughs. Therefore, existence as we know it, is being disrupted while a Pandora’s box could be holding the future of our race. Like in many other ages, we are creating a future deliberated by divergent schools of thought that philosophize on variable environments. However, this is the first time in history that technology agrees with every one of th

The chief part of equity is equality.

For centuries the notion of equality has been present in philosophers, scholars, and enlightened individuals. Even in times in which slavery was predominant, futurists could visualize a society built over the foundation of egalitarianism. In fact, the creation of democratic governments around the globe is significant of the pursuit of this state of affairs. Nonetheless, the distribution of the valuable resources required to attain so-called right has been significantly unfair and preferential. Western, P. (1982) states that, “it has been suggested that equality as a standalone principle has little impact on combating substantive disadvantage.” In this sense referring to the approach of equal

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