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Downloadable educational course materials in the field of education at the primary, secondary, undergraduate, and graduate levels; Downloadable software for downloading, streaming, accessing, storing, organizing, managing, and displaying images, movies, text, and other digital media in the fields of education and behavioral analysis; Downloadable software for participating in online educational courses; Downloadable software for educational and behavioral testing; Downloadable software for administering educational and behavioral tests; Downloadable software for taking educational and behavioral tests; Downloadable software for scoring, grading, and evaluating educational and behavioral tests; Downloadable software for managing a database of curricula; Downloadable software for managing a database of educational materials; Downloadable software for creating, selecting, and assigning educational materials and curricula; Downloadable software for sending and receiving messages, files, and other digital media including streaming media

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and Consulting


Our organization conducts a comprehensive assessment of your institution - to strategize and determine the best techniques to executing and maintaining your end-to-end progress, growing pace and cultivate your ultimate objectives.

Felipe Castro Quiles, MBA | Emerging Rule




Our institutional consulting services range from strategic liaison and alignment, to institutional or corporate development.

A group of international business experts applies the latest technologies to keep you up-to-date and secure your organization's smart performance.   

Emerging Rule - EdTech Development

Education Technology Development


Emerging Rule provides a one-stop shop to advance the research and development of groundbreaking education discoveries & technology. A global team of developers takes your idea from conception to implementation.

Machine Lerning LMS

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