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Did you know that the pursuit of happiness has been philosophized even in ethical systems that predate Aristotle? Well, the fact is that philosophers have been theorizing on the skills and elements needed to achieve this state for centuries now; scientists, mythologist, theologians, and in actuality every human who enjoys being alive, hunts this satisfying feeling we all cherish and enjoy.


Then, if we have been receiving ‘smoke signals’ that transmit the meaning of life for as long as humans can communicate, why is humanity in danger? Why are we jeopardizing human sustainability? Indeed, some would argue that there are multiple attributions to our auto destruction tendencies (e.g. pollution, war, prejudice, etc.) and that they may be natural events resulting from natural processes. However, can we run the risk of following the same patterns these days? Moreover, can we stop detrimental behavior at the same pace we develop artificial intelligence? These answers are uncertain, but worth being taken seriously.

Thus, join me in hypothesizing on the outcome of including super-intelligent technologies to the complex equation we all call life, and their close relation to happiness. Then, formulate your own perspective, but please make sure it works in favor of future generations; it is certainly about time to start thinking about them. But first, allow me to state that what you will read below is an educated opinion based on my years of self-taught futurology; there is no need for you to agree with my postulate. Nonetheless, if you do, please share your thoughts with your piers and specifically with me – I want to listen.

Perhaps, you have read over time various proponents of the AI Takeover scenario and theories such as the robot rebellion. Notwithstanding, I want to propose a simple, yet impactful alternative to these plots; that is: learning to coexist. Having the fact that we are the ones engineering this techniques and processes, we can (will) create machines that enhance our quality of life. Even so, if the process is significantly dependent of our input, shouldn’t we start instructing future masterminds on the importance of responsible codification?

Moreover, we can reach a point in history in which our capacity of creation universally meets our skills, as well as our innovating, and learning abilities. Imagine a world in which you had no reason to worry about ‘putting some food over your family’s table’. What would you do with the time you save if there was no reason to work? Wouldn’t you love a 24/7 assistant with your shores? I’m almost certain that the most of you would say that you would prefer a rout of less hard work and more leisure.

Actually, the future, as envisioned by some of the greatest minds that our species has engendered, is characterized by a civilization of enlightenment. There is space for humanity to be less centralized, aggressive, and stressed; that space, we all call technology. In technology we can find more room for knowledge and none for ignorance. We can find the answer to our doubts and the guidance to our evolution accordingly.

Therefore, considering that: 1) happiness is a sought after human state (which I should add, ancient philosophy mostly relates to the recognition and life in accordance with our “true self” or daimon), 2) it is possible to coexist with technology; 3) technology is characterized by the application of knowledge, & 3) technology can save us time to learn - please contemplate this set of assumption:

  • We only know that we know nothing.

  • We are constantly learning and teaching.

  • We enjoy happiness.

  • We appreciate assistance.

  • We evolve.

Ultimately, our species is constantly and instinctively in search of survival. Ergo, start formulating a better tomorrow for our future generations, as their potential is our future.

At last, I understand that our destiny is debatable, and hypotheses are meant for further investigation. Yet, consider that these times call for the humanizing construction of beneficial resolutions. In the end, whether help yourself, do it for those who love you, your descendants, or in the name of happiness, but please choose you; this time there is no other option.


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