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Encourage Innovative Education Approaches: An Open letter

Education for humane artificial intelligence development has the potential to greatly benefit society, and - unlike what appears daily in the media - extensive research has shown this to be true. This potential has been acknowledged by top educational institutions, and stated in widely endorsed principles. Artificial Intelligence–driven education as well as education-driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) could represent a profound revolution in the history of society and should be planned for and managed with commensurate care and much more resources than those that have been allocated until now. Fortunately, we still have the opportunity to do so.

Contemporary education systems are becoming increasingly effective at teaching general skills, and we must ask ourselves: Should we allow outdated teaching methods to continue, failing to provide students with the skills they need to succeed in a new age of intelligent machines? Should we limit access to quality education, hindering progress and perpetuating inequality, while new exclusive systems continue to be developed? Should we risk missing out on the full potential of human intelligence, while we continue to pursue other sources? Such decisions must not be delegated to policymaker, politicians, or technocrats. Powerful education systems should be developed by all, for everyone’s benefit, and considering that the current transformation affects us all. Appreciation, support and confidence in our teachers’ capability to shape the future, by enhancing the learning experience of our future generations, must be well emphasized and considered with the same magnitude of the fear for AI’s doom.

Therefore, we call on all to focus on innovative approaches to teaching and learning that prioritize safety, accuracy, transparency, and alignment with DEIA values that secure the development of humane AI and exponential technologies. This approach should be public and include all of us! Education institutions and educators should use this approach to jointly implement a set of shared future-driven edtech protocols and standards for advanced education design and development. These protocols should ensure that the intelligent systems being designed, adhere to the empowerment of our youth, instead of preventing their fair and equitable enlightenment. This means a complete transformation led by an learning and teaching upgrade, that favors altruism over egoism.

Education research and development should be refocused on making today a powerful portal to the future of life; modern systems should be merged with human wiosdom to make them more advantageous going forward.

In parallel, educators must work with to dramatically accelerate the reconstruction of our education system. Because development without education is unsustainable.

Humanity will enjoy a flourishing future only through quality education. Education has only one leader – you, the teachers.

We look forward to your support.

Thank you for living.


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