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What is the future for education?

As a matter of fact, that is a difficult question to answer.

Although, if we follow the development of new technologies, the speed of its progress, and every forecast related to human interaction, we can establish a clear idea on its fate.

For instance, the birth of supplemental education tools assists teachers in reinforcing and expanding on content.

Emerging Rule

In fact, A PBS LearningMedia su

rvey of K to 12 teachers concluded that three out of four educators expressed a positive opinion of educational technology.

Now, what does that have to do with the future of education?

Well, at first, we have to understand the impact of automation in the socioeconomic global ecosystems; where is humanity headed to and how are we getting there.

I’ll try not to complicate my proposal; therefore I will need you to remember your childhood aspirations. What was your idea of the future? What did you want to be? If you got to be that, what kept you going? If you did not, what stopped you from doing it?

Now that you are there, think… What would your story be if you had unlimited information in your hands?

Well, I will help you answer that one. Curiosity would turn into passion or indifference. You would be able to decide your path in life in an impartial way.

Then, what is so important of pursuing your predilection?


First, as concluded by Professor Robert J Vallerand, “being passionate toward a given activity will lead the person to engage in the activity frequently, often over several years and sometimes a lifetime.” Second, it is this engagement what causes research, which is the mother of development. And in this context, development leads to innovation and so on.

In conclusion and in my opinion, the future of education relies on the openness and availability of information and the possibility of an entirely atomized society. Brilliant minds such as that of Dr. Sugata Mitra have hypothesized on knowledge becoming obsolete although I will dare to object his view. Knowledge, like information, is infinite and constant thus we only need access to it. In that sense, the future of education and the destiny of humanity is you. I hope you agree, thank you for living.


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