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Emerging Rule is an education technology public-benefit corporation that researches, develops & applies online schooling and curricula material for individualized learning. Emerging Rule PBC helps helps all parties involved in K-12 schooling improve the skills needed in the digital age. We provide virtual education and machine learning models designed as an alternative to traditional "bricks and mortar" education for public school students from kindergarten to 12th grade. We put in action over 100 Years of collective leadership...

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You are our Mission...

We want to develop the most comprehensive and humanistic AI.




At Emerging Rule, we are obsessed with the well-being of future generations.


The world is closely following the progress of exponential technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, etc. (in fact, we are as well). We put in action over 100 years of collective leadership to make sure that some of these technologies do not become a threat to civilization. Even more, we understand that the fast pace of living often gives us no time to react to what is now becoming the standard and give our best to train LevelShip™ (our flagship Machine Learning Model) at the utmost urgency.

With this in mind, we recognize individual skills through our 'ML-LMS' to allocate them at the highest priority level and significantly improve human performance. We understand that machines have numerous advantages over humans notwithstanding instead of competing we can embrace our humanity and augment our advantages.


In fact, none of us want robots creating more robots or AI displacing every single one of our jobs. So, we need frameworks that safeguard human value and enhance our capabilities if we want to live in a future in which we can coexist – not only with ourselves – but also with the machine.

Although our model is founded upon AI a behavioral algo makes sure that the system learns from live data sets, and serves as a foundation to countless important applications. In fact, we want to be able to find the next Steve Jobs if he or she lives in a place alien to our reality.


In order to nourish individual potential we use the assessment tools of a system that allows the fast discovery of exceptional talent. Our algorithms help discover this unknown talent and ensure that it is developed. LevelShip creates a system that will make humans the best version of themselves allowing the opportunity to develop their intellect without slowing down the learning pace of others.


Ultimately, we offer solutions that cost less than your current turnover.


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