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Emerging Rule leverages data science and machine learning to update the school experience, modernize individualized learning, and apply the precision, speed and adaptability of artificial intelligence to K-12 education.

Our team of multidisciplinary experts is developing LevelShip to recognize students' skills, and allocate those skills to careers that fulfill their need of ensuring a better quality of life going forward: 

1. Supporting that no person is left behind;

2. Empowering inclusion and participation;

3. Navigating updated training and job opportunities;

4. Securing trust, resiliency, and individual progress for common growth;

5. Influencing systematic improvement and a constructive emerging rule.

We research and develop edtech that helps teachers and parents adapt to new technologies and ways of life.


Reinforce the skills

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LevelShip, our Machine Learning System for Skill Recognition, helps students securely discover their innate skills and recommends the most accurate individualized teaching methods; for a better learning experience and to adapt their journey to the 'new' future.
“Your future is our greatest strength.”